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Marketing in this day and age is inevitable. Digital marketing, or the use of online advertising tools to project service and products to potential customers, is especially an aspect that most companies cannot look away from if they wish to make it big in this modern digital world. If you are a freelancer, a startup or a business owner, digital marketing is a tool essential for boosting your conversion rates.

Digital marketing, in its essence, is an easier process compared to other marketing forms as it’s highly automated. You do not need much to comprehend the basics and capitalize on them in regards to your business requirements. However, it is a huge domain and there is a lot to try and experiment with. In this brief read, we are going to take a look at the most basic digital marketing concepts that you need to be aware of:

Email Marketing

If you look at email marketing statistics, you will quickly realize that is one of the best ways to market your brand and that’s because it is very effective. It does not require you to create a website, banners or invest in advertising. It is, in fact, possible to keep in touch with your clients once a week via email and still get a healthy conversion rate.

But how do you make it effective?

Well, you need to be personal with your clients and keep them informed about your latest offers, campaigns, polls and updates about your business.


One of the best ways to do this is by creating a weekly newsletter. This way, your clients can choose to get relevant content from you and you will know exactly how to target them. There are various email automation services out there that can create an efficient way of keeping your newsletters running and sending them to thousands of individuals at once. A few examples include Vertical Response, Mail Chimp and Sendy.

So, get all email addresses from your potential customers and keep them hooked to your business.

Social Media

One of the biggest contributors to traffic is social media. You certainly don’t need an introduction to these platforms as you have been using them since inception. Getting your business on social media platforms is highly advised if not inevitable. It’s where your business will sprout the fastest through social validation. Popular brands usually share their offers on social media platforms as they are billions of people around the globe watching their ads.

Social media ideally allows to communicate and engage with your followers. You can listen to suggestions from fans, feedback, complaints, etc. However, social media is demographically segregated and therefore need to choose your platform wisely. Here is a quick rundown of where popular platforms win:

1. Facebook– for customer relationship building, targeted advertising and lead generation.

2. Instagram– For showcasing products, video sharing and e-commerce.

3. Twitter– For sharing news, business branding and interacting with customers directly.

4. LinkedIn– For business profiling, gaining industry trust and generating B2B leads.